Let us learn Korean Baduk with fun!

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YW Baduk Education is an interactive learning program to build up the foundation of Baduk. Our learners can gain confidence through the games and develop higher passion in learning.

Studies have demonstrated learning Baduk with facilitate the growth of…
1 Resilience and Concentration
Especially when playing a losing game, players have to remain calm and focused in order to win the game back.

2 Logic, space perception and creativity
Learning Baduk beginning strategies and joseki require Baduk players to understand their logic skills and space perception. Under different circumstances, players have to judge the results of applying different beginnings.
We strongly encourage our learners to follow their mind and play creatively.

3 Learning capability and memory
Baduk is more complicated and sophisticated than other mind sports, thus the growth of intelligence among the players is significantly promoted.
If the kids want to play better, they have to learn from other players’ game and joseki. After they understand the variations,the little players can memorize them easily.

An introduction of Korean Baduk Culture
(Produced by Korean Sports Promotion Foundation)
The following video briefly introduces the Korean Baduk culture and the global baduk development in recent years. For those of you who are interested in learning Baduk, please enjoy the video and learn more about the nature of Baduk.