Our mission


Korean Baduk Education

Develop Baduk into systematic education progrm

YW Baduk Academy use the education materials which are used in Korean Baduk academies and primary schools. The materials are designed to provide a structural education progress to all the learners, training up their reading skills and power. We value the critical thinking process by the students in actual games and their creativity when playing Baduk.

Classes divided by age and level with proper teaching materials

Our class are separated by age and level. Even when the two students are at the same Baduk level, their books might be different if their age is different. All the textbooks are ordered and delivered from Korea to Hong Kong.

Transparent leveling up system

Each level has clear learning target, thus parents can easily understand the learning progress of their kids.

Strong emphasis on the manner during lessons and playing Baduk

Korean Baduk culture emphasizes on the manner during the games, facilitating the learners to respect their opponents and the teacher.